Organizations know they need to be more Agile, but in in too many cases view Agile as a one-size-fits-all methodology. Leveraging a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t allow businesses and teams to reap the full benefits of Agile, which in turn makes people question the value of the methodology overall. But Agile offers a full scope of methodologies and frameworks that can meet the needs of a variety of project objectives – from Scrum to Lean to Kanban and beyond.

Understanding the needs of the specific project at hand and leveraging the appropriate methodology and framework is key to your project’s success. The question is: how do we navigate the myriad of methodologies and frameworks that exist?

Organizations need a way to cut through the clutter. Since merging last summer, PMI and Disciplined Agile (DA) have been working to help organizations do just that.

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There is more than one approach to Agile, and it’s important to understand what makes the most sense for your project. Teams must be empowered to choose and evolve the process to what works best for their situation and address any obstacles that may arise.

We call this Choose your WoW®. 

To be an effective project manager and lead a successful team, you must know how to choose a WoW appropriate to the specific situation you’re facing. A single “standard” process or collection of “best practices,” may not fit for what your team needs. At the same time, your teams must be able to choose and then improve their WoW as their situation evolves. 

As organizations continue to adopt this approach, DA helps organizations choose their WoW in a context-sensitive manner.

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 OUR DA Business Game: betterFood. it's Xebir original business game designed specifically to touch the advantages and peculiarities of Disciplined Agile.

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